Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One of my favorite vampire series

I love, love this series! Especially Jack McShane, an ex-Confederate soldier who loves fast cars and fast women. His antics just crack me up and how can you not get tickled at a vampire who has his coffin painted with Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR colors and number.

In book one, The Vampire's Seduction, we're introduced to William Cuyler Thorne, a 500 something year old vampire living in Savannah, and Jack, who was turned by William when he found him dying on a Civil War battle field. We also meet Reedrek - William's evil sire, Melaphia – a voodoo priestess, Connie – a cop who definitely has Jack's attention, Werm and other minor characters. I like the way Hart kind of leaves you wondering about certain characters. As to who or what they are. Even Jack is a little puzzled by some of them.

In the second book, The Vampire's Secret, Hart brings even more paranormal into the story. Our Southern vampires are finding they have some new powers after what took place in book one. Plus we have not only the vampires and voodoo. We get ghosts, a Mayan goddess and a zombie along with a nasty plague taking out vampires. William also gets a bit of a shock. Book two leaves you hanging, so you really, really want to have the third book ready and waiting.

In the third, The Vampire's Kiss, paranormal lovers get their werewolves thrown into the unhuman mix. Hart introduces us to Seth Walker, a police officer from elsewhere in Georgia. I'm hoping we'll see more of him in future books. Or better yet, his own series. We also learn more about Connie and the ancient vampires in the Old World. Again we're left dangling at the end for book four, *whine, whine, whine* I think the author has been taking lessons from TV shows with the 'to be continued' ploy. You know the ones with the season finales that leave you screaming 'Nooooooooo!!!' at the television.

Book four, The Vampire’s Betrayal, was just released last month. I don’t normally read books right away after buying them because I already have so many sitting on my shelf awaiting their turn. But I couldn’t resist this one. I did manage to make myself finish the book I was already reading before starting it though. All of our favorites are back and up to their fangs in trouble. Hart produced another page turner and not only another ‘Noooooooo’ screech, but a ‘HOW could you?’ as well at the end. And congratulations Ms. Hart. You managed to get me to read the excerpt for book five at the end. I NEVER read excerpts. I’m anxiously awaiting book five. Hopefully we’ll have some word soon as to its publication date.

I don't know that I would call this so much a review as a recommendation. And I do highly recommend these. Hart has done a wonderful job of bringing action, romance and humor into the paranormal genre. I couldn't put them down. All four of these have gone into my permanent collection as I'm sure future books will as well. These are a must read for any paranormal/urban fantasy fan.