Wednesday, June 4, 2008

G. A. McKevett – Savannah Reid Mystery series

I discovered G. A. McKevett’s mystery series in 2006 when I read the fifth book of the series, Sugar and Spite. I’ve been hooked on them ever since. I’m such a stickler about reading a series in order though, so I had to go back and find the rest of the books. I love our sassy Southern heroine in this series.

Savannah Reid is originally from Georgia and is the oldest of nine kids, all named after cities in Georgia, and often quotes her Granny Reid. She became a police officer and in book 1, Just Dessert, was working in San Carmelita, CA as a detective when she was dismissed for her weight. (Savannah is a voluptuous size 14 and very proud of it.) Of course, that was just an excuse they used to kick her off the force. So, she opened her own private investigation business, Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency.

We get reoccurring characters such as Dirk Coulter, her gruff, always hungry ex-partner, Tammy Hart, her perky, health-conscious assistant, Ryan Stone, former FBI hunk turned body guard and John Gibson, Ryan’s British significant other. And we can’t forget Cleopatra and Diamante, her cats.

I’ve just finished reading

Quote from Cooked Goose. “Do you ever weight problem?”
“Nope. I decided a long time ago, there’s a lot more to me--and to being a woman--than some numbers on a scale.” Savannah replaced the fudge in the microwave and walked across the kitchen to the refrigerator. “More whipped cream?”

Reminds me of Paula Deen.

These are the reading order of the series.

1. Just Desserts
2. Bitter Sweets
3. Killer Calories
4. Cooked Goose
5. Sugar and Spite
6. Sour Grapes
7. Peaches and Screams
8. Death by Chocolate
9. Cereal Killer
10. Murder a la Mode
11. Corpse Suzette
12. Fat Free and Fatal
13. Poisoned Tarts

McKevett also writes under the name Sonja Massie. If you like Janet Evanovich, I think you will really enjoy this series. These are fun, quick reads but they do have some strong language, crime descriptions and situations so I don’t know that they can really be classified as a cozy.

Also beware! I often get the munchies when reading one of these since she’s always referring to food—as the titles show--especially chocolate. A woman after my own heart. Even though it’s almost 90 degrees out right now, I have a hankering for a hot chocolate with a splash (or two) of Bailey’s. Or a piece of chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. Maybe some Chunky Monkey ice cream would be more in order.
Enjoy the books. I’m going to go find some chocolate.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Contests to check out

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This is a great cause. Of course, animal rescue is a cause I support wholeheartedly.
Enter by June 14th for the drawing.

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Also I discovered Fantasy Book Critic has lots of book giveaways...some just for Europe. Be sure to check the requirements of each giveaway to see. I just noticed one set of books there I would like a chance at but it's for European residents only. :( *sniffle, sniffle*