Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dog Days by John Levitt

Back cover blurb:

Mason used to be an enforcer, ensuring that suspect magic practitioners stayed in line. But now he scrapes out a living playing guitar. Good thing he has Louie, his magical...well, let's call him a dog. But there are some kinds of evil that even Louie can't sniff out. And when Mason is attacked by a supernatural assailant, he'll have to fall back on the one skill he's mastered in music and magic-improvisation.

My thoughts:
Took me a few days to get in to this book. It just seemed to drag for the first 130 pages or so. The author was taking too long to explain certain things and setting up the story. To be almost halfway through the book before you really get interested is too long for me. I felt compelled to continue though since I had purchased this book.

The main character, Mason, had a tendency to annoy me. He’s lazy and really has no incentive to do anything with his life. Maybe this is just the author setting the readers up for his “growth and coming into his true potential and power” type thing. Ho-hum! Been done before. I was hoping for something a little different. If not for Lou, Mason’s Ifrit in the dog body, I doubt I would have continued on with this book after the first 100 pages.

Once the action finally picked up, this was fairly enjoyable. Predictable, but okay. This is not a series I would continue to pay full price for, but might pick them up if I caught the next couple of the series at library sale or used book store.

Two and half stars

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